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Linchpin — Review of Seth Godin’s book

Linchpin -- Review of Seth Godin's book

I read Linchpin, devoured it really. I held a pen in my hand and checked off the important and useful ideas as I read the book.

If you’ve been laid off. The book will help you get your mind focused on creating more value than you ever did before and you’ll find a better job as a result.

If you want to get promoted or get a raise, the book teaches you what to do to create more value and become more valued and indispensable.

If you are working for yourself, you learn how to become cherished and so important, clients pay you just to be there when they need you.

This book can save individuals, businesses, and even national economies. That’s how valuable the ideas in this book really are.

If you need help getting to the next level, whatever you do, then read this book. Identify just ten actions to take, then take those actions.

Your choice. Highly recommended. Urgently encouraged.

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Kevin Donlin’s Top Tips on Resumes and Cover Letters

Kevin Donlin's Top Tips on Resumes and Cover Letters

My college age kids are both hunting for summer jobs right now and needed a quick bit of advice on their resumes and cover letters. One of my favorite experts in this area is Kevin Donlin, job hunting expert, author and consultant. In this seven minute video he offers up some of the most crucial and easy to implement tips for making sure that your letters and resumes do exactly what you need them to do right when your target reads it.

This advice has some very important parallels in business sales letters, proposals, and in marketing materials, like news releases.

So this video will help just about all of us folks who need to convince anyone to hire us.