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Differences between marketing, advertising and PR

Discussion of the differences between marketing, PR and advertising

Great discussion over at Yahoo Small PR Agency Pros

I’ll throw in a little twist here to focus on what a person who works for a living has to do to communicate and accomplish these various and distinctive roles and objectives.

Advertising: paying for the creation and placement of communications so that target audiences of the selected media take the action wanted (which for products and services is usually sales, but for politicians could be votes, or for organizations, could be social action).

Marketing: the creation and management of programs and people and the execution of strategies, tactics and actions to achieve sales and profits of products or services (or votes or social action).

PR: the creation and presentation of proposed content to media (publishers or producers) to persuade them to publish or showcase a story or information that is perceived as objectively reported by their audiences, that creates interest, desire and promotes and triggers desired action (sales, votes or social action).

And btw, if the latter is what you spend a lot of your time doing, my new book Trash Proof News Releases is up on Smashwords – it’s a free download. It’s expressly designed to be an immense help to anyone who even thinks about writing a news release. I basically spend whole chapters of the book trying to explain clarify and communicate the difference between PR, and marketing and advertising, since what I see day in day out is otherwise successful marketing people fail to realize the difference between these distinctive functions, and the different types of MarCom copy required for each.

Book page to download Trash Proof News Releases Smashwords edition:

The book can be viewed online or downloaded in ten different formats.

Why News Releases Fail- Free ebook and Powerpoint presentation

20 + fatal errors people make writing news releases and what to do about them

This is one of my most popular articles turned into a Powerpoint presentation and an ebook pdf file.

Why News Releases Fail

Free Powerpoint Presentation here:

Why News Releases Fail Powerpoint Presentation

Free ebook pdf file here:

Why News Releases Fail ebook pdf file

Improving Your Presentations – Some lessons learned from the presentations of Steve Jobs, Apple

analysis of Stev Jobs speaking and presenting skills, tactics, and style

I’m always learning about how to be a better presenter.

This video, which I found on Drew’s Marketing Minute blog, done by Bnet is an excellent tutorial and analysis of one of the world’s best presenters – Steve Jobs of Apple.

Much of what is said here applies to news release copywriting as well, although if you look at Apple news releases and the publicity they get, it doesn’t seem to matter what they write in their news releases, since it’s what they do that makes the news.

In any case, you can take some of the lessons learned and demonstrated here and use them in your presentations.

It’ll be just like money in the bank.

Improve Your Powerpoint Presentation or Die!

Improve Your Powerpoint Presentation or Die!

Giving good presentations is crucial if you are going to be memorable to people and news worthy to media. You can’t put on a book signing or a workshop and then put people to sleep if you are to be successful and sell products or expand your professional or personal brand.

There are lots of little tips you can pick up if you are going to be an effective presenter.

I’ve done a short self-assessment of my own presenting skills. Here are my top tips or lessons learned:

I have yet to be able to do what Seth Godin says to do, which is limit the number of words on a slide to no more than six words, but I do try!

I use the largest font size possible.

I do not read from the slide. I talk about what’s on the slide.

I do use really good pictures to illustrate what I’m talking about!

I reduce the number of slides to the absolute minimum.

I make sure every slide is truly important.

I change slides about once every 30 seconds.

I get it over fast.

This is a very funny and useful short video by comedia Don McMillan on how to make better presentations if you are using Powerpoint.