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20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media

Copywriting tips for writing news releases to get more publicity

20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media 

News releases can be a great aid to getting major media to give you feature story coverage and major talk show interviews.

What you write in your news release is important.  It determines media response to your news release.  

Your goal with a news release is to get the media to take an action:

1.      write about you favorably

2.      request more information so they can write about you favorably.

3.      interview you

You have to give the media what they want and are accustomed to publishing if you are to be successful in getting them to give you coverage.

You also need to carefully identify what you want people to see about you that will professionally brand you and get them calling you.  Sure, you could be promoting a book, a professional service, a product, an invention or an event.  But the media will not give you free advertising.  They only will publish something that fits within the spectrum of news, education, or entertainment that their readers and subscribers want, and that their advertisers won’t object to.

You want publicity that achieves a return on investment that rivals and even exceeds your best marketing. 

So what you write in a news release and … 


So what you write in a news release and present and propose to media has to run a gauntlet and avoid the fatal errors that will result in your news release being quickly deleted with a click or placed in the trash can.

Your press releases need to be specifically designed to trigger public interest and media interest.  You must quite deliberately and systematically select and then present information that:

1.      interests lots of people in your target media audience

2.      has significant perceived value for that audience.

3.      is easy for media to verify and run with.

You maximize your chances of getting feature stories and detailed interviews if you provide the media with what they need to do their job.

Here is a quick list of the best possible ways for you to increase your chances of getting favorable coverage and what you need to emphasize when you write and distribute a news release.

  1. a dramatic personal story that describes achievement in the face of adversity plus a little humor
  1. a problem solving tips article on a crucial topic that shows how you can help the  people that you can help the most
  1. an innovative product or service that makes people want it because of the benefits it offers
  1. a dramatic and interesting photograph that really tells a 1,000 word story at a glance
  1. a new development or situation that lots of people will be interested in because of the way it affects them
  1. a personal battle between the forces of good and evil, or David and Goliath
  1. a truly heartwarming tale with a happy or remarkable ending
  1. new effective techniques or tactics to improving a problem or situation that is commonly faced
  1. new creativity that makes people feel good or experience heightened emotions
  1. a story that makes people cringe in fear, howl with delight, or experience intense desire or want.
  1. an explanation of something that demystifies something complex that confounds a lot of people
  1. news, analysis and commentary on a controversial issue or topic
  1. localized people stories and media access to the local people involved.
  1. innovative and new ways to have fun, save money, help people, increase their enjoyment, protect the environment, and help them get more out of life.
  1. unusual, hot and wacky ideas, products, activities, and situations
  1. mouthwatering recipes, food, culinary delights or opportunities
  1. educational, unusual and hard to believe or fascinating news, data, information, little known or even secret never revealed before knowledge or stories.
  1. record breaking achievements, competitions, paradoxes, dilemmas, anything that confounds the human spirit
  1. knowledge, ideas or information that astounds people, enlightens people and raises their consciousness to new levels and inspires them to experience new feelings.
  1. remarkable little things people may not know about, that make people’s dreams come true.
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