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How do you create something remark-able?

How do you create something remark-able? Seth Godin talk on creating remarkable products.

The incredible Seth Godin talks about sliced bread and other marketing ideas in this amazing 18 minute You Tube video posted by the TED Ideas Worth Spreading.

Can you get your ideas to spread? How do you do that? What do you say and to whom? Where? You can also read my own thoughts and a process I describe on how to develop and create something ‘remark-able’ (e.g., worth talking about) in my article The Magic of Business (published as Chapter 27 in in Elite Books Einstein’s Business (Jan 2007) . Here is the link to a pdf file of the same article. By the way, the picture at the beginning of the chapter/article is me standing in front of a famous picture at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. My kids think this is proof of reincarnation. See the wrinkles? Same place!

The key to marketing effectively is to create something that certain people just really really like, and figure out where they are and how to talk to them. Pretty simple to say. very hard to do. But it’s a goal that you can describe in a phrase and that’s a big start.

Best quote in this video is when he points up to his presentation slide and says “That’s Soap Lake in Washington. If that’s nowhere, Soap Lake is right in the middle of it.” Followed by audience laughter…

Hell I live just an hour away!

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