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Great article all about a blogger turned book author in the Montreal Gazette.   Talk about a refreshing perspective.  This article takes off like a rocket even from the healine:  Blogger thumbs nose at athletes, media.  The article highlights the web site, gets into history, tells stories and reviews the book.  The blogger’s savvy and vision was revealed.  He saved the best for the book and didn’t put everything on his blog.   The review is excellent and makes one want to get the book.  Quite a cudo for the author. 

The Register Guard profiles local Eugene Oregon resident Joaquin Ramon Herrera, who is one of 51 citizen journalists posting blogs on MTV’s Choose or Lose Web site.  Herrera’s blog, the Unapologetic Mexican (www.the­ offers biting commentary and a “habañero of truth” on anything political or media.  He’s an author of a children’s book. 

USA Today look at soldier blogs in a dramatic article titled Five Years Later: The Iraqi War Goes Online.   If you want to jump in all the way:  Links to soldier blogs

Posted on Monday, March 17th, 2008 at 5:50 pm In
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