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Jeff Slutsky demonstrates the value of asking questions

Jeff Slutsky, author of Street Smart Marketing, describes how to improve sales success by asking questions

Jeff Slutsky, author of Street Smart Marketing, is not only educational, but he is hilarious. His stand up and go for it tactics are based on years of experience in retail.

What a hoot! He’s a great salesman and a great teacher.

In this wonderful short video, he explains and drives home one of the most valuable things a sales person can do. Look at how you can improve sales success and the dollar value of a sale by focusing intensely on serving the clients needs, wants and desires.

Now in the world of targeted PR that I operate in, there are several really basic questions that I ask my clients which I use to help identify the right market, the right media and then the right message. For example, think about who your customers are. Then ask yourself “what do they read, watch or listen to, especially when they are in the mood to buy what you are selling?” This is how we target the right markets and the right media. The next key questions is “how can you help the people you can help the most?”

Then you can develop the best topic and the key talking points for an interview or a problem solving tips article.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 at 1:49 pm In
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