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News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

Did you know that you now have access to some of the world’s most powerful online electronic clipping tools?

They are called News Search Engines. You can use them to dramatically improve your success with the media.

News search engines are specialized search engines that visit news sites from all over the Internet and use computer algorithms to select stories for inclusion. They then cluster the stories and photos into an online magazine format. As the news changes the news search engines keep you informed of the latest developments.

They allow you to search the latest news stories from hundreds to thousands of news sources. This gives you the critical business intelligence about not only what the media is covering but how they like to publish what they cover.

Some of them also allow you to create special news alerts, which send you an email message every time a news story comes out on your special topic or keywords of interest.

This is very powerful and useful technology and at least for right now, it’s free.

Let’s explore these and find out how you can use them to get more publicity for your business, for your books, and for you and your authors.

Top News Search Engines include the following:

Google News
Yahoo News
Alta Vista News
All the Web News
MSN News

Not all news search engines are created equal. Some provide coverage of some areas while others don’t. Some news search engines even let you establish channels like this one, set up to reveal news from the book publishing industry for selected news services and syndicates.

Yahoo Book Publishing News of the Day

You can search and find information on a wide number of critical topics. It is up to you to identify your key words. This is a fine art because if your search words are too general you will get way too many stories each day to be useful to you.

You want critical business intelligence. In the world of publishing this means finding out what has been published on topics that can affect your business. These include:

Your business
Your authors
Your competitors
The events and issues that affect what you do to make money
The technologies you use or care about

For each of these, create a list of the keywords that you can use to return articles and news stories of interest to you. The stories you want to focus on are those that tell you how you can position your next news release for maximum exposure. These are stories that reveal how the media covers your topic.

From a publicists and a copywritiers standpoint, they tell you “Do this” and “Don’t do that”. When you read the articles pay particular attention to the type of news coverage you see. You peruse this to develop ideas and a strategy for getting news coverage for your project.

This is incredibly valuable. Since you can then use The 3 I Technique to write a news release that maximizes your chances of giving the media what they really want.

So if you are a publisher, create a list of the five to ten critical news search engine key words you need to:

1. monitor the news and development of your key areas of interest
2. monitor the news coverage of your books and authors
3. identify stories to give you ideas

Search on them regularly.

You can use news search engines to stay abreast of the news that affects your business.

You can use the articles you find to give you ideas and help you write better news releases and get more news coverage.

Here is one last little idea to save you time. Once you run a key word search at a news search engine, you can click on the file button in windows and send the page to your desktop. That way, you can return to the search with one double click from your desktop.

If you use these techniques I will predict that you will have a much easier time getting publicity.

Give it a try. Use news search engines and The 3 I Technique together.

And if you do use these techniques and write a news release – I’d like to see it. Feel free to send it to me via email and I will be happy to provide you with comments.