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Andy Andrews asks “what’s the smartest thing your dad ever did?”

Andy Andrews asks "what's the smartest thing your dad ever did?"

Andy Andrews, camera in hand, asked a number of people “what’s the smartest thing your dad ever did?”

The answers he got were quite remark-able. In this short but incredible video, you’ll meet some truly normal people and a few well known celebrities as well.

Andy points out the value of having a mentor. Mentors do more than just offer advice. They invest in the outcome. They participate in the development personally. They make sure that some steps are taken and some expereinces and results are achieved.

We could all use and benefit from having a mentor or two. Quality advice and strong active supporters makes a whole lot of difference in a scary world filled with challenges and risk of disaster.

The real question then becomes is what do you do when you receive guidance and help from a mentor.

So the next question I wish Andy would ask of people, is this:

What the smartest thing you ever learned from your dad?

I know my dad would love to hear the answer. Even though I’m in my mid-fifites, he might be really surprised and happy to hear me share this with him.

Posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at 10:17 am In
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