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Book publicity, event publicity, and product publicity success stories this week

Book publicity, event publicity, and product publicity success stories this week

I love it when clients are happy, especially when we produce publicity sucess for them. This week was incredibly busy, sending out news releases, responding to media requests for review copies, product samples and interviews.

Andy Andrews, author of the NY Times Best Seller The Traveler’s Gift, was in Salt Lake City doing an event on his new book The Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success, at Kingsbury Hall, at the University of Utah. The event was free, open to the public, 7 to 10 PM, Tuesday night. Our news release and phone campaign for this one time community event netted Andy a few radio talk show interviews, an invite to interview with utah Public radio, a daytime and evening interview on KSL TV and a feature in the Salt Lake City Herald on Monday before the event.

Mastering the Seven Decisions cover

On Tuesday we sent out a news release for Cynthia Frank at Cypress House for author Todd Walton and his new book Buddha in a Teacup. The news releases triggered over 44 media requests for books to review and interviews with Mr. Walton, from newspapers, magazines and radio and tv shows from all over the country. Media requests included Family Circle, Gannett news Services, the Chicago Tribune, Scripps Howard, and dozens of other top media.

Also on Tuesday we sent out a news release and did a phone campaign for Jennifer Bahney at Longhair Lovers for her remarkable new hair product, a emu butter. We saw over three dozen media ask to have product review samples sent to them. We saw media requests from many of the top womens and beauty magazines in the country including: Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, In Style, Shape, Woman’s World, Self, Vanity Fair, More, and more and more.

Long Hair Lovers Deluxe Emu Butter

On Wednesday we did a news release project for a new product. The news release headline says: Dazzling cool colors in bouncing reusable shopping bags. These amazing shopping bags are manufactured totally by Katrina survivors in New Orleans, Louisiana. We received over 20 media requests for product samples from major media within 24 hours.

What’s Ur-Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

Also on Wednesday, we sent out a news release for Carol and Phil White, authors of the book, Live Your Road trip Dream. Carol had written a problem solving tips article titled, Five Reasons Why Gas Prices Shouldn’t Cancel Your Summer Fun and i sent it out to outdoor recreation, travel and rv editors and media in the US and Canada. Late in the day, Carol wrote me an email describing what happened. She said: “We sent out the news release this morning… So far, it is already up on 4 websites, 2 major market booked radio interviews, 1 regional market (Indianapolis) using it in a story, and 5 review copy requests including Travel + Leisure.” Pretty cool.

The news release also generated a heated response from one not to be named media editor of a national rock climbing magazine who wrote, ” I cannot believe that you have sent this to me. These republican baby boomer ideas are repulsive and destructive. This is nothing more than dumb propaganda designed to put us at ease about our environmentally destructive bad habits, and rotten ideas such as these should not be spread around with such a straight face. Please consider sending a retraction to this e-mail and an apology to everyone on your list. I hope that the author spends good quality time explaining to her family telling them why grandma didn’t mind killing all of the polar bears and penguins.”

Living the RV Dream cover

Whew! I guess he must ride his bicycle to work and doesn’t use cars or airplanes to get to his world class destination rock climbing locations and vacations.

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