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Improving Your Presentations – Some lessons learned from the presentations of Steve Jobs, Apple

analysis of Stev Jobs speaking and presenting skills, tactics, and style

I’m always learning about how to be a better presenter.

This video, which I found on Drew’s Marketing Minute blog, done by Bnet is an excellent tutorial and analysis of one of the world’s best presenters – Steve Jobs of Apple.

Much of what is said here applies to news release copywriting as well, although if you look at Apple news releases and the publicity they get, it doesn’t seem to matter what they write in their news releases, since it’s what they do that makes the news.

In any case, you can take some of the lessons learned and demonstrated here and use them in your presentations.

It’ll be just like money in the bank.

Posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2008 at 1:10 pm In
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