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My New Business Cards

Paul Krupin's new show off business cards

Front of new show off business cardI decided to have some fun when I went to the Publisher’s Marketing Association Conference and the Book Expo America this year. So several months ago i contracted with a specialized company who creates very unique business cards for you totally personalized. They call themselves Show Off Cards.

Basically you get to select a personal photo, and then they give it to an illustrator, and they make a cartoon character of you. You get to think up something that captures your personality and image in a way that conveys the real you.

Whenever I teach or put on a seminar, I always use the metaphor of catching big fish. Of course, when it comes to getting publicity, we talk in terms of the top media being the big fish. So I took one of the photos I use in my Powerpoint presentations of me in my boat on a happy morning fishing on the Columbia River at a place called Ringold, just north of town just a few miles away, hauling in a beautiful chinook salmon.

For the back side, they ask you a whole bunch of questions and try to get you to come up with things like your vital statistics, favorite quote, and a personal mission statement.

It’s quite a process and takes four to six weeks to get it all done. But then voila!

So here are Paul’s new Show Off Business Cards.

What do you think of these business cards? Comments welcome.

Back side of new show off business card


For the PMA, I have an exhibit and so I enlarged these business cards POSTER SIZE!

So come to see me and chances are, it won’t be hard to find me at all!

If you are interested in getting these business cards done for yourself, I highly recommend you get in direct contact with Mr. R. Scott Jones, CSO (Chief Show Officer), or 336-558-6713

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