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What are the best ways to convert web visitors into web buyers? Make candy.

describes my candy theory for making money on the Internet

One of the discussion groups I’m on fielded a great question.

What are the best ways to convert web visitors into web buyers?

My theory on this is that web sites are just like vending machines.

What’s a vending machine?

It’s a device that’s packed with candy and parked in a trafficked location.

How does it work?

People go by, see the vending machine. They come over. Make a selection, drop in their money, grab the candy and away they go.

Now what happens?

If it’s really good candy, they remember exactly where they go it.

That’s because the physical sensation of pleasure releases a flood of hormones into your body. These chemicals in the brain result in the information being remembered.

Candy produces such pleasurable sensations that it results in chemical memory. People always remember where they got good candy. It’s imprinted! It’s a biochemical mechanism for survival.

And that’s what you need to make if you are going to be successful on the Internet.


Now to me a web site is just like an electronic vending machine. It’s a machine sits there and offers things for sale.

Now generally on the Internet you see web pages that have only four basic types of candy.

Products, services, software and information.

Products need to be manufactured and delivered.

Services need to be performed.

Software can be downloaded or transmitted.

Information can be password protected, transmitted by email, video, audio, or ebooks or by regular book.

And of course you have hybrids of these.

Now to have a successful web site, what you have to do is make candy. The website, your product, your services, — all of these have to be ‘candy’.

Even the ideas you present have to be candy – good intellectual candy.

Good ‘intellectual property’ candy.

You make ‘candy’ so that people like what you offer, remember how good it tastes, buy what you offer, and then come back again and again.

The goal here is to galvanize them into action, so that when you are done, they jump up and open their wallets.

You can do this if you focus and test, test, test till your web site and your products and services are truly the best candy you can make.

But most people don’t do this. It’s too hard. They create without testing. This is a sad situation because they’ve come so far and now face rejection and a failure to achieve and sales.

Brian Tracy has a technique he calls The 100 calls technique. It’s a wonderful process that gets you exactly to where you need to be.

What you do is make 100 sales calls in as short a time as possible.

This is the way you learn more about how to sell your product or services. It is also how you sell more product and services than you ever did before.

Then you go through a lessons learned and revise and redo your marketing communications so that it emphasizes and repeats what you did right.

That’s also how you develop your web site so it sells better than ever.

The beauty of this process is that once you learn what it takes, you get to utilize technology as a force multiplier to repeat the message.

BTW, if you want to read more about this subject you can read my article The Magic of Business

Now changing web copy to optimize your success with visitors is a time consuming process. But it can be done.

A company called Diligent makes a downloadable program that literally creates a heat map of where visitors spend time on your web pages. You can use it to uncover your best and worst performing areas so that you can keep what works, and revise what doesn’t. Here’s a video which describes this product.

Here’s a link to the video which explains this very useful program.

You may have to sit through a commercial to see this video, but if you get to see the one I just watched with the sumo wrestler, it’s really worth it. Hilarious.

One last helper. Here’s the link to the Search Word Pro results page on the
key words ‘best way to convert web site visitors”

It’s loaded with helpful guidance.

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