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Limits on What You Can Do with an Oprah Appearance

looks at limits on what you can do with an Oprah appearance

One of my clients was on Oprah and Friends last week.

What was truly interesting to me was the provision of the guest contract which a guest must sign in order to be on the show. Among other things, here’s what the contract provision states:

>>> 3. You agree not to use my name, voice or picture so as to amount to a direct endorsement by me of any product or service. In addition, I agree, on behalf of myself, my company, and any affiliated entities, including any company on whose behalf I appear (and I represent that I have the legal authority to make such representation), not to use Harpo’s, XM’s, Oprah & Friends’, Harpo Radio’s, the Host’s or Oprah Winfrey’s name, voice, picture or likeness for promotional or advertising or to use the phrase “As seen on Oprah & Friends”, or similar statements, in any promotional or advertising materials. Specifically, I agree not to use the Host’s, Oprah & Friends’, Harpo’s, XM’s or Oprah Winfrey’s name, likeness, or a quote from the Host, Programs, other “Oprah and Friends” programming or Ms. Winfrey, on or in connection with the marketing or advertising of any book or other publication, product or service (including, digital transmissions such as the internet or other on-line computer communication services). I represent and warrant that I am not attending the Programs in the capacity of a reporter and I will not write, blog about, publish or cause to be published any article or book about my participation in these Programs. Further, I agree that any products or services that I discuss on the Programs have been selected by me based on my own judgments and that I did not solicit, nor have I accepted, any money, services or other valuable consideration for the inclusion on the Programs of any such products or services or the mention of any manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers or providers of such products or services.

Bottom line is that while you may get to be on the show, you don’t get to tell anyone about it!


This might dampen people’s enthusiasm a little, but it clearly shows that Oprah has clamped down on those looking to profit off her good name.

Should it be a showstopper to going on a show?

I think not. What it really means is that the financial benefits downstream will be limited by an inability to use her name freely once the show is over.

You still get the incredible exposure to her audience.

You still get to show off your stuff and find out what Oprah and others think of you.

You still may get plenty of good from it.

Posted on Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 3:13 pm In
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