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Professional branding PR and the miracle of the microcosm

design a professional branding PR message by helping the people you can help

What’s the best type of publicity?

It’s publicity that makes people want more of what you do best. It’s publicity that makes people taste and want what only you can do. It’s publicity that is broadcast to groups of people by someone with a publishing vehicle or system that allows your message to be heard by lots of people.

You can get publicity that does this many ways but it to really achieve the branding, you have to realize that you need to craft a very special message.

The message can be developed carefully and intentionally. It all comes down to helping the people you can help the most.

Who can you help? What problem will you help them with?

Use real life experience to guide you.

Who did you help? What problem did you help them with? What exactly did you do or say to solve their problem?

I call this the miracle of the microcosm.

When you can really help one person, you can then help others with the same problem.

If you select and target a person who is representative of a large group of people with that problem, then the solution has value to everyone with that problem.

You can then utilize technology as a force multiplier to repeat the communications you used to reach and share the message with your target audeince of problem owners.

Then incorporate the solution into a script of communications.

You can tell your story an article for print media including newspapers, magazines and their online counterparts. You can tell the story in an interview on radio or TV.

You can then share the story in all sorts of other online media as well. You can tell the story of what you did in an ezine article, a blog post, on a discussion group, a forum post, a pod cast. You can also create a video about it and post it to You Tube and Google Video and use it for education on your web site and others.

All these spinoffs communications can be developed by you once you decide to help the people you can help the most.

And the publicity you get will create interest from other people with the same or similar problems.

You get to be the expert with the knowledge and skill. You tell your story about how you helped.

You can create this type of publicity any time you want.

All you need to do is help someone.

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at 4:22 pm In
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