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Timing and galvanizing content – the Rolling Stone article about John McCain

quick analysis of the copywriting style and elements of the Rolling Stone article about John McCain

Sometimes you just have to look and marvel at how well some publishers do their job. This front page article in the October 16, 2008 edition of Rolling Stone Magazine demonstrates all sorts of lessons learned for anyone who yearns for publishing and publicity success. This article is worth reading not just because of the importance of the topic but because of the way it is written. This article captures and demonstrates many of the rules I teach and advocate for my clients.

Look at the timing — three weeks before the election. Lead time is right on.

Look at the headline. Short, catchy, top of mind. Does this present ideas that interest a lot of people in the audience? You betcha!

Look at the subheadline: dramatic personal achievement in the face of adversity plus a little ironic humor. Does this indicate that there’s a lot of value in what follows? You can bet your six pack on it.

Look at that first paragraph. Does it contain the five w’s and weave it into a story that hooks you and engages you emotionally?

Look at the goal and objective of this article. Does it seek to provoke decisive action?

I don’t care which way you lean. From a writing and copywriting standpoint, you can learn a lot about what you need to do to capture media and public attention.

To the editors of Rolling Stone magazine – heartfelt thanks for this gutsy and important article.

Here’s the link:

Make Believe Maverick – October 16, 2008 Rolling Stone Magazine

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