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Getting publicity for a book about solving education system problems

Getting publicity for a book about solving education system problems

New author posted a question on Askpedia and asked:

“I have just completed a book listing solutions to the problems of habitual truancy and drop outs in our schools. I need to get the attention of people who care. I need some support or guidance.”

My response: A problem solving tips article in the right media.

I am constantly asking my clients to tell me what they can do or say that will help the people they can help the most.

Ask who your customers and then identify what they read, watch and listen to particularly when they are receptive to taking action based on the message. The right message in the right media is what you need.

When you give people your best, people will give you attention. They will respect what you say or offer. This is one of the most important rules of getting publicity. Be your best. Offer your best. Give your best. Entertain, educate, advise, help, do the very best you can.And pack these golden nuggets of wisdom that you can offer into a news release of about 250 words or less so that you can communicate your best in ten to thirty seconds. Then send it to the right media. Create or get a hold of the right custom list of media – publishers with audiences who reach the people you need to reach.

This is a very powerful and important tactic. This is what lies at the core of the problem solving tips article or the talk show interview.

When you push yourself to really help other people you develop yourself you improve how you behave with other people. You communicate better. You deliver better advice, information, problem solving analysis, and you also learn to be more useful and more effective in a wider range of situations. This makes you versatile and capable. People listen. They act upon your advice. They learn to trust you. This is how you not only sell your book, but how you sell YOU and can generate multiple streams of income when you offer your time and problem solving capabilities as a speaker and consultant and a freelancer.