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Improve Your Publicity Success: Focus on the Media Audience

Focusing on the media audience dramatically improves coverage success.

Media don’t care about you. They care about their audience. They care about their bottom line.

To get media to give you publicity, you must give media what they need and want.

What is publicity? Media coverage. What type of media coverage? There are lots of possibilities:

Book or product review
Feature story article
Book or Product announcement
Event announcement
Opinion article (Op-ed)
Case Study
Expert Q & A
And more

When you create a pitch, tell the media what you want right up front. Then give them the story so they can visualize the final coverage in all its glory. 1. 2. 3.

Immediately create a remarkable experience, for the media that shows them 1. That lots of people will be interested 2. That has significant information, news, education or entertainment value, and 3. That is so well written they say yes, I’ll run with this, (or they ask you specifically for what they need that you have not already provided, so they can do their job).

If you want media to people to write about, talk about, or feature you in a favorable way then you have to give them the facts, the content, and graphic, visual, audio, technological aids that they need to create what you are asking for.

The secret is simple: think three steps ahead, anticipate what they need and give them more than they what they see 99 percent of the time from other people.

In your rush to get attention and create build buzz, the instinct is to sell product. That’s a mistake.

Everything you give media must feed and satisfy their needs and desire for quality information for their audience.

Every word, issue, every idea, every graphic, every link, that must be included has to help media decide to give you what you want.

However, anything that takes mental attention or time away from you (or your product or service) reduces the chances you get coverage that focuses on YOU.

Cut the hype. Just the facts. Give it to them their way.

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