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Getting Publicity – One on One

How do you get the best publicity & media coverage? You go one on one with a single media person.

Identify your media target. Buy the latest journal. Get online, Tear apart the latest edition. Learn and understand what they publish (or produce). Identify where you want to be.

Identify the media person you need to pitch. Call them.

First, ask them if there is an opportunity to contribute (to where you want to be).

Assuming yes, then ask them to help you figure out the best way to take advantage of the opportunity.

Say: “What exactly would you like the most? What are you looking for?”

Then shut up and listen carefully to what they say. Take careful notes so that you get it down correctly.

Agree on the length and basic structure of a deliverable before you end the call.

Then get busy and do your best creative work. Create the content that meets their needs.

Do not write by committee. Do not involve other people unless you absolutely need them to validate ideas or verify facts or correct your grammar.

Keep your content focused on the topic and guidance you received. Keep it tight. Create a very structured careful outline.

You are only here to do one thing – satisfy the question with content that fulfills the stated needs of the media.

All the needed content is to be supplied to the editor or producer in writing.

Deliver that content when you finish.

Then call or email and say, “Does this meet your needs?”

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