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Using Presari to Research & Leverage Social Media Trends in 2018

How to Use Presari to Research and Leverage Social Media Trends 2018

Do you want to learn and get up to speed about how to make the best use of social media this next year?

Use Presari to research the trends. Here’s how:

Enter the words ‘Social Media Trends 2018’ at

You will be amazed at the results if you do the following:

1. Do a Google Bing side by side comparison.

a. Work through the curated text articles, sort by date and study the last day, week, month and year.

b. Look at the images. In particular, zero in on the infographics

c. Then focus on the videos. You will be able to identify the most popular videos and those by experts. There are even some actual courses.

2. Then look at the social media. Look at Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn for new and popular article and posts. Look at SlideShare for the Powerpoint presentations and at You Tube and Vimeo for the videos and interviews. With Facebook and Twitter, identify new connections. Use LinkedIn to get to the right people and contact information.

3. Then look at news media (Google & Bing News). Study the recent media coverage and identify the hot topics. Use the 3 I Technique to Identify successful feature stories and interviews. Plan and create new content that carries the conversation forward with new issues, helpful actionable tips and insights that can produce real-time benefits.

Presari is an elearning search tool – a channel changer for search engines that let’s you choose where you get your information from.

Use Presari

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