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Erykah Badu walking naked in the streets of Dallas video – publicity stunt, art, or just sad, shocking music video promo

Erykah Badu walking naked in the streets of Dallas video - publicity stunt, art, or just sad, shocking music video promo

Singer Erykah Badu has released an uncut video of her walking through the Dallas square where President John F. Kennedy shot disrobing one piece of clothing at a time right down to her bare naked skin all while she croons her latest song. The uncut video was shot in plain view and parents with children were visibly shocked and surprised while it happened. It was up on You Tube freely visible for the world to see for a while but now has been taken down do to apparent copyright violation issues.

Is this art? Is this permissible expression protected by the First Amendment?

Is it just a publicity stunt?

While it may be all the above, one really has to simply wonder if this is the image she really wants people to have of her.

Will she promote her image as a celebrity?

Will it sell more of her music and get her name out all across the country so she makes oodles of money?

Or is it simply rude, crude, tasteless and demeaning? Does her statement have absolutely no redeeming social, artistic or cultural value at all?

Here’s my spin on this:

Was this really done with real forethought and planning of the real consequences? Is it really a positive statement and does it really show confidence, freedom, and identify and spirit and all these positive traits?

She walks through a controversial location, sings and strips, and pretends she gets shot.

The video quality is OK, but is it art?

Or is it just an easy thing to do to do on a sunny day with a video cam and the Internet is so readily available as a vehicle for dissemination of information.

And it’s pretty clear that videos of pretty naked women undressing will go viral.

But did they really plan this out? They apparently didn’t notify anyone at the City of Dallas or get a permit for the filming. So it’s questionable this was done with much real planning and professional video or film making.

She may think she’s sharing her art, but she’s not making a very good impression on the neighbors. The impression she makes produces a negative visceral reaction that won’t promote her personal or professional brand. She didn’t go for a positive impression. She seems to be simply offending most people everywhere instead.

She’s not being polite or even mildly sensitive or sensible about her decision to do her thing at this location, or what sort of consequences she may have tomorrow and the next day. Does she really think this 15 seconds of transient national attention like this will propel her to fame and fortune? It’s sad. She’s demeaned and insulted so many people.

She doesn’t elevate herself and others as a person to look up to emulate. The impression given instead is that she has resigned herself and lowered herself in everyone’s eyes to a position of personal disgrace and uncaring insensitivity.

To me as a publicist, it’s simply bad publicity decision-making, bad promotion without thinking about the future. Artistically she shot herself, her image, and her profits in the foot. She’s made lots of people angry all over the world.

It is sad that this is what some otherwise talented and creative people resort to when trying to make a name for themselves and get our attention.

Andy Andrews asks “what’s the smartest thing your dad ever did?”

Andy Andrews asks "what's the smartest thing your dad ever did?"

Andy Andrews, camera in hand, asked a number of people “what’s the smartest thing your dad ever did?”

The answers he got were quite remark-able. In this short but incredible video, you’ll meet some truly normal people and a few well known celebrities as well.

Andy points out the value of having a mentor. Mentors do more than just offer advice. They invest in the outcome. They participate in the development personally. They make sure that some steps are taken and some expereinces and results are achieved.

We could all use and benefit from having a mentor or two. Quality advice and strong active supporters makes a whole lot of difference in a scary world filled with challenges and risk of disaster.

The real question then becomes is what do you do when you receive guidance and help from a mentor.

So the next question I wish Andy would ask of people, is this:

What the smartest thing you ever learned from your dad?

I know my dad would love to hear the answer. Even though I’m in my mid-fifites, he might be really surprised and happy to hear me share this with him.

Andy Andrews talks about Mastering the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success – Video on You Tube

Andy Andrews talks about Mastering the Seven Decisions - Video on You Tube

This is one of the most important books I’ve read in a long time. Andy Andrews lived a relatively normal life until the age of nineteen, when both his parents died – his mother from cancer, his father in an automobile accident. He left college and was homeless. Penniless, he lived under the boardwalk or slept in people’s garages in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The something amazing happened. He befriended another grizzled old homeless person, who gave him a remarkable gift- a library card. Over time, he read more than two hundred biographies of great men and women searching for the answer to how they achieved success. Andy sent people letters asking for advice. “How did you overcome your worst challenge?” he’d ask. To his utter surprise, many of them they wrote back. And he saved those letters and pondered and savored the incredible life saving advice that they contained.

Guess what! There is no secret! It took several years, but Andrews finally determined that there were seven characteristics that each successful person had in common. He also found out he could teach people these remarkably powerful principles by telling witty and funny stories that deliver profound meaning. He became a stand up comedian in Las Vegas and started writing. He eventually wrote over 20 books including The Traveler’s Gift, which has now sold over a million copies and spent seventeen weeks on the New York Times best sellers list.

His new book is Mastering the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success , a companion book The The Traveler’s Gift. Andrews shares the very best of what he’s learned about how each one of us can achieve success and what it takes to make the crucial basics stick. It’s a roadmap to correct personal behavior that contains lots of helpful guidance for people at with problems at home, at work, and at play.

Andy Andrews believes that each one of us has the ability to change the world. He’s learned that even when you have nothing, every choice you make matters. Even more important, every choice you do not make matters just as much.

Andy is a believer in what is known as The Butterfly Effect. Even the smallest tiny action can have dramatic consequences. The flap of a butterfly’s wings, is inexplicably intertwined with the birth of a hurricane around the world.

Even the smallest things we do can have a tremendous impact on the world.

Andy is the first to point out that the seven principles, at first blush, don’t seem very profound. “They can have impact once you really grasp how they’ve been used by other people. Then they become an amazing key to releasing incredible personal power that allows you to explore the world of opportunity that surrounds all of us.”

The point of this is simple: Learn the Seven Decisions. They work every time.

Bob Proctor on Larry King Live talking on The Secret

Bob Proctor on Larry King Live talking on The Secret

Bob Proctor is one of the incredible people who was featured in the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This five minute segment is one of interviews conducted by Larry King. I enjoyed watching Larry quickly take control of a live caller in who asked to go a direction he didn’t want to go. Here they tackle some of the important elements of the power of choice in our every day lives.

Dr. Joe Vitale’s secret of productivity

Dr. Joe Vitale describes his secret of being more productive

I’ve done a lot of work with Joe Vitale and he’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is incredibly productive and offers insights into doing things that matter well and effectively so you can be successful and profitable especially when you are helping others. In this superbly simple lesson he describes his secret of productivity.

The bottom line is that if you snooze, you lose! When an idea occurs to you, act on it.

Jack Canfield offers ideas on basic success principles

Jack Canfield offers ideas on how to get rich and be a success

Jack Canfield’s primary goal in his life revealed and discussed in this wonderful five minute video. Jack reveals some early history and ideas that helped him along the way to creating his first Chicken Soup for the Soul book. The video ends with a discussion of his book The Success Principles. Here’s a guy who has made tens of millions searching for the answer to a simple question: What are the numbers that open up the lock?

This next one is a one minute seven second video that captures the essence of some of Jack’s Success Principles on how to get rich.

Although it probably wasn’t created and isn’t maintained by Jack Canfield himself, the My Space page for Jack Canfield is an education in and of itself: Jack Canfield’s My Space page.

How do you create something remark-able?

How do you create something remark-able? Seth Godin talk on creating remarkable products.

The incredible Seth Godin talks about sliced bread and other marketing ideas in this amazing 18 minute You Tube video posted by the TED Ideas Worth Spreading.

Can you get your ideas to spread? How do you do that? What do you say and to whom? Where? You can also read my own thoughts and a process I describe on how to develop and create something ‘remark-able’ (e.g., worth talking about) in my article The Magic of Business (published as Chapter 27 in in Elite Books Einstein’s Business (Jan 2007) . Here is the link to a pdf file of the same article. By the way, the picture at the beginning of the chapter/article is me standing in front of a famous picture at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. My kids think this is proof of reincarnation. See the wrinkles? Same place!

The key to marketing effectively is to create something that certain people just really really like, and figure out where they are and how to talk to them. Pretty simple to say. very hard to do. But it’s a goal that you can describe in a phrase and that’s a big start.

Best quote in this video is when he points up to his presentation slide and says “That’s Soap Lake in Washington. If that’s nowhere, Soap Lake is right in the middle of it.” Followed by audience laughter…

Hell I live just an hour away!

Video Marketing on the Internet

Two minute video on the basics of using video to market online

Quote for the day:

John Maxwell author of the book Your Roadmap for Success talks about what you have to do to apply what you’ve learned to really drive it home and get what you can out of it. He says that all you have to do is ask yourself three questions:

1. Where can I use it?

2. When can I use it?

3. Who else needs to know it?

This is pretty brilliant and simple to implement. Place it on a stickie and put it on your computer monitor till it becomes second nature. Make sure you answer the questions and then act to make it happen!

Video Marketing on the Internet

The folks at Nuesion have created this basic introduction to marketing video online. it’s a well produced 2 minute and 40 second short that teaches you to get a digital camera and then create and post videos to improve your traffic.

Marketing to apartment mailing lists – Tips from an apartment marketing expert

Marketing to apartment mailing lists video

Interesting 5-minute video on marketing to people in apartment complexes has some very straightforward and viable tips.

Marketing to people in apartment complexes makes a lot of sense. The population density is high which means there are a lot of possible prospects in a small geographic location. Getting access to them and getting them to pay attention has been refined into a fine art by the people at Apartment Toolkit who offer an audio tape series which explains their time tested methods.

Why blogs are cool video

Cool three minute video on why blogs are cool by Lee Lefever at Commoncraft

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