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Publicity and the Law of Attraction

Publicity and the Law of Attraction

Back from the PMA University and the Book Expo America in Los Angeles – what an incredible week.

Just before I left for LA, I donated my copywriting and news release distribution services to a fundraising effort in NYC to help the Chinese recovery from the devastating earthquake two weeks ago.

I wrote a news release and transmitted it to the NYC media highlighting the efforts of a small but exquisite restaurant who was going to donate the entire day’s receipts to the relief effort. This email news release was transmitted May 23 for the one day May 28 event.

Marc Preven, owner of the Neurotic New York City Tours company wrote me an email to tell me what happened. Here is his email:

>> Paul

Thank You, once again for your help.

it’s nice to know there are a few mensches left in this world.

the PR went out a week ago from this past Friday.

I walk into the restaurant and the joint was packed.

Helen tells me the NY Times called but didn’t show up.

I finally get a seat at a table, my neighbor is a round eyed dude

we are distinctly in the minority amongst the patrons.

“hey man, have you eaten here before?” I say to my neighbor at the table next to me.

he replies in the negative.

i start telling him about how much I enjoy the food and helped them issue a press release.

I then tell the gentleman that the owner told me about a reporter from the NY Times called but he didn’t show up.

the dude next to me looks at me kind of funny

he says, “I’m the reporter from the NY Times.”

It was my turn to express surprise, “No shit, man!”

He then goes on to explain how his colleague in China saw what you sent and forwarded it back to the US of A.

Because he is working on the story about relief efforts here.

Below is the the quote from Sundays NY Times Story

see link below for the whole piece.

as I was writing you this email the handyman from the building has asked me to write him a pair of simple letters for one of his neighbors.

Time to pay it forward . . .

Cuz-N Marc E Marc

Excerpt from the article:

Helen Thong, the owner of Taste Good, a popular Malaysian restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens, held a benefit on Wednesday, allocating the day’s proceeds — more than $9,000 — to earthquake relief. At dinnertime, the line of patrons, representing a broad swath of the Chinese diaspora, snaked out the door of the small restaurant and onto the sidewalk.

“You see those pictures on TV, right?” she said. “The children and the people who are helpless under the rubble? It breaks your heart. Basically we are all human. We have compassion. That’s what motivates us.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Marc Preven
Date: June 1, 2008 11:32:45 AM EDT
To: Marc Preven
Subject: helen taste good China Earthquake –

Setting Politics Aside to Help Victims of China Earthquake

Cuz-N Marc E Marc


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