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One of the best strategies for publicity success: wish fulfillment

wish fulfillment as a publicity strategy

You see it in best selling books and movies. You can do it yourself if you think about it and try.

The element is wish fulfillment.

It must be so vivid that your audience can visualize it, taste it, feel it.

It can be the feeling of overcoming all odds and achieving success.

It can be the vision of being healthy or wealthy.

It can be the freedom to choose, the enjoyment of love or the magnificence of winning the race.

It can be the indulgence of eating chocolate.

It can be the thrill of flying down a mountainside or soaring like a bird.

It can be the excitement and anticipation of heading into a battle to save people from harm.

You identify the wish you can give to a media audience and then offer it up to the media on a silver platter.

Whose dreams and visions can you fulfill today?

Do your very best. Tell people what they can do to achieve their deepest hopes and desires.

Make their dreams come true.

What is a News Release? Really!

What is a News Release? Really!

So much confusion over this simple question. Here’s my definition of a news release:

A written proposal:

– containing a request for media coverage

– and/or an offer to provide media the content needed to achieve that end.

A news release is either sent directly to media decision makers directly (e.g., by fax, email, street mail, etc.) or placed where they can find it and use it (as when it is posted to a news search engine using a news release distribution service).

A news release is not an advertisement. You do not pay for coverage and do not control what the media says. It is a document that persuades media to give you media coverage. Your degree of success is often based on how much of what you give them to do their job is actually used.

You must provide media with information that matches what they are accustomed to publishing (or producing). Usually this means the content must be news, education or entertainment, or opinion or commentary.

If you have a different objective, then perhaps you should not be thinking what you are writing or need to write is a news release at all.

It’s OK to have a different objective. There are other types of marcom (marketing communications) you can choose to achieve a goal. It also means your target audience is not likely to be media people. You will need a different targeted list of people to match your objective.

But if publicity in media is what you want, you write a news release.

Brian Tracy on Achieving Goals and Making a Difference

Brian Tracy on Achieving Goals and Making a Difference

I have a lot of books on my shelf by Brian Tracy. He is a fascinating and awe inspiring teacher and his ideas on personal and professional development are very readily implemented with great benefit.

It’s not very often that you can find something so short and sweet that you can take it home in your pocket and bank the benefits immediately. But these two little videos do just that. They will help you make a significant difference in what happens to you not just today, but for the rest of your life.

This first one describes how to identify and select the most important goal in your life.

This second one describes the single most important word you’ll ever need when achieving goals.

Zig Ziglar describes a Formula for Setting Goals

We’ve been traveling this week, visiting colleges around the west.  So this post will be quick and short. 

Listening to so many talented and energetic tour guides makes me think of what I would have done if I was in my 20’s again.   It came to me that I would have made better plans and goals for myself.   

So here is Zig Ziglar, one of my all time heroes of sales talking on his process for setting goals.