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Creating the Best Online Media Kits

Advice on creating the best online media kits

There are a few articles on my web site all about media kits both regular and online. Here are the links:

What Goes in Your Media Kit? Have a ready to use media kit toolbox

Building a Really Effective Online Press Center

The online media kit is simply the electronic version of a regular media kit. Instead of paper delivered, you place the content, photography, bio, advice, book covers, and references on a dedicated web site page that is easy to find, navigate and use. All the key core content media requires is made available with links or downloads.

Every media kit must be designed to meet the media’s needs. The goal with media is to get media coverage. Feature stories, interviews, and product reviews are the most common goals for most creatives. Photographs, videos, music play, event announcements, calendar items, op-eds, columns, and even letters to the editor are other possibilities.

You select and design the numerous key content components to match the entity seeking the coverage to the target media style, content, and requirements.

The most effective online media kits give the media everything they need to do their job, the way you want that job done.

What Happens When You Stop Helping People

What Happens When You Stop Helping People

Andy Andrews posted an absolutely brilliant story in his blog today. (Goodbye Mr. Foster) tells the wonderful story of what happens when not so smart management people ignore what’s really happening down in the trenches.

Sad but true, this appears to be what is happening in all sorts of companies. They not only cease to pay attention to what matters to their customers, but they also kill the spirit of the employees who are the very lifeblood of the culture they’ve created.

We need more Mr. Foster’s. We need to see and notice people who are selflessly devoted to making others happy.

David Weinberger explains his theory on ‘everything is miscellaneous’ and why this is good for us

David Weinberger explains his theory on 'everything is miscellaneous' and why this is good for us

David Weinberger, co-author of the bestselling book The Cluetrain Manifesto, gave a one hour talk at Google in June 2007 as part of the Authors@Google series. His new book describes how the digital revolution is radically changing the way we make sense of our lives. He argues and illustrates how the digitization of everything is changing the way human beings function in the world.

In this incredibly lively talk, he covers miles and miles of intense intellectual concepts at lightning speed, talking about and explaining the contents of his new book titled Everything is Miscellaneous.

This is a wonderful presentation replete with brilliant ideas, humor, breakthrough glimpses of the past, present and future and observations that will make you think the world indeed is flat.

His photography is extremely engaging and his personality and style is part of the phenomenon that he creates as he speaks. He communicates by building vivid theoretical frameworks and colorful imaginary pictures simultaneously. He’s educational and entertaining.

Every now and then he’ll take a breath of air!

His basic idea? The world is clustered into categories and the way the world is organized by us humans is pretty nice. The one who gets to classify is powerful. The classic order of the world is changing and what used to be understood as stable is no longer operable in the dynamic digital new world in which we live.

This has important implications to how we function and communicate with each other in the future.