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Book Review: How to Make a Million Before Lunch by Rachel Bridge

Book Review: How to Make a Million Before Lunch by Rachel Bridge

Book Review: How to Make a Million Before Lunch by Rachel Bridge

Rachel Bridge has made good use of her vantage point as the Enterprise Editor at The Sunday Times in London, England and compiled a book filled with stories and tactics that have contributed to the sustainability of businesses of a wide variety of types and sizes. Her observations and conclusions are based on watching and talking with entrepreneurs and cover the gamut of creating and running a business from start to finish. The book is chock full of stories and examples of ideas intended to help start-ups and existing business owners survive the risks and thrive in the marketplace. It is a delightful and easy-to-read book filled with helpful ideas and essential advice that will be appreciated by anyone who wants to solidify their understanding of basic marketing and promoting.

Published by Virgin Books, the book is available at

For more information visit her website

Whatever you can afford publicity

Times are tough and in the spirit of the season, I’m going to offer a special new “whatever you can afford” publicity outreach option.

You name your budget and I’ll advise you, work with you, and still do the maximum custom targeted outreach I can possibly do.

If you create a draft news release using examples of successful news releases and my 3 I technique (Identify a Success, Imitate it, Innovate with Your Own Information), you can reduce or even eliminate the copy writing costs and we’ll devote your budget to the maximum number of media on your custom targeted list.

You send me a copy of the book or a pdf file and I’ll send you just the right personal guidance and several examples of successful news releases in your genre. Then you create a draft that contains all the key elements of the examples you see. You send me your best draft.

The 3 I technique works because when you create something for yourself that matches and is guided by a proven success, you match the editorial style and readership interests on the first draft. Then you polish it.

You’ll also need to send me a book cover jpeg and an author photo and short bio since we transmit using email html. One link goes back to your website.

We’ll calculate how many media at roughly 10 cents per media, so 1,000 media will cost $100.

We can aim at book reviewers, the right media by subject, localize for an event or local feature story, or talk shows on radio or TV. It’s up to you. I’ll target the media that will serve your best interests.

You decide on your budget and give you the maximum custom targeted outreach that can be done for whatever you can afford.

Gift certificates available for Christmas! Perfect gift for the newly published author. You will also receive a toolbox with lots of strategic guidance and a copy of my book so you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Send me an email if you’d like more information! Brief me in and let me give you some new ideas on how to help get you more publicity anytime.

My goal is that you’ll be surprised and happy with whatever you choose.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who could benefit from this help.

Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe!

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News Releases Are Not Advertisements

News Releases Are Not Advertisements

Perhaps the very worst part of my job is trying oh so hard to teach people who are remarkable marketers that a news release is not a chance to sell. It’s single purpose is to persuade a media person to give you news coverage. They get very angry and feel abused and insulted when we try to get the to sell product instead of persuade them to share good solid reliable helpful information. Editors do re-write all the time, however, to be successful quickly and maximally, you can’t insert words that require them to take the undesirable action, which is to grab the red pen.

Maximize Your Publicity ROI: The Key Questions for a Galvanizing Media Response

Identify and develop the best core content when writing a news release to maximize media response and interest

What’s the very best galvanizing media publicity you can get that will produce the maximum ROI?

I believe that it’s a three to five minute piece that galvanizes people with you doing what you absolutely do the best.

Imagine being in front of 20 to 30 of the very best people you think would be most interested you and what you do. Describe these people so that you have a picture of who they are and what they look like.

Now identify the absolute most interesting topic, challenge, or problem situation you can think of, that will interest the maximum number of people just like them.

NOW give me your ten best tips, problem solving actions, ideas, jokes, or lessons learned for this audience. Can you give these people your ten commandments? Can you knock their socks off so that half of them come flying out of their chairs with their pocketbooks or wallets open? (BTW that’s a 50 percent response).

I want you to pretend you have three to five minutes to give a these people eight to maybe ten absolutely phenomenal show stoppers. That means for ten items, you have less than 20 seconds or less for each one, plus a one minute intro and a one minute ending.

This is what we put into your news release.

The goal is to create a vision for the media that clearly illustrates and allows them to see in their minds — How you can help or entertain or educate the people you can help the most.

Focus less on ideas than on actions that people can take to deliver immediate or tangible real time or near term benefits, impacts, or predictable consequences. These show stoppers should be “Do This Today” types of actions.

This forms the core content to the news release/show proposal pitch.

These will also be publishable as an article with some caveats we can add to the beginning and ending of the core content to turn it into a proper news release offering. It will also become the core script for a Q & A style interview, so they serve many purposes.

You can do five do’s and five don’ts or whatever. I just want you to be your wittiest and most galvanizing self. You can be humorous and/or serious, just be good and make them memorable. Keep them G Rated.

If you can, send me these in an email message. No more than a single bullet plus a single one or two sentence inspirational explanation per bullet.

This is how you’ll get the most effective publicity you’ve ever experienced.

What’s more is that once you create and prove this little script and once you really get it down and prove to yourself that it’s repeatable, you can use it again and again everywhere you go.

That’s the miracle of the microcosm in America. We’ve got a country of 330 million media indoctrinated people, and once you learn how to galvanize them in your back yard, you can use technology to repeat the message and reproduce the response again and again.

So do this little homework assignment and send me your best showstoppers. I’ll help you turn it into a galvanizing trash proof news release and then create a custom targeted media list so that we can really hit the right media and make something wonderful happen for you.

For more information, guidance and inspiration:

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PR Success Story for a new Apple iPhone Application

PR Success Story for a new Apple iPhone Application

PC World clipRight on! Client Chet Karella makes PC World for his new Apple iPhone program.

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Live streaming video from the Iceland Volcano

Live streaming video from the Iceland Volcano

The three video streams are live and refresh continuously. If you keep an eye on it you can see the clouds move and birds fly by.

Remarkable progress in technology and communications.

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Andy Andrews Talks about Return to Sawyerton Springs

Andy Andrews Talks about Return to Sawyerton Springs - an amazing two minute book trailer

I just received this amazing two minute video book trailer from one of my clients.

Here is Andy Andrews talking about his new book, Return to Sawyerton Springs. It’s high energy and very colorful.

This one video is good for multiple purposes. It gives people a very good idea what Andy is capable of doing as an author, entertainer and as a guest.
Excellent example of short video excellence for an incredibly good book and a great author.

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A Truly Noteworthy Book Marketing Plan

A Truly Noteworthy Book Marketing Plan

If you’ve written a book and are embarking on doing some marketing, then it’s absolutely crucial that you create a custom tailored marketing plan.

Learn from the best.

Here is a glimpse of what one particularly noteworthy book marketing plan looks like at one of the top book publishing firms in the country, courtesy of Ellis Weiner at The New Yorker.

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