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Go beyond the book!

What do you place into a news release?

If you want to improve your publicity go beyond the book. You don’t have to just write about the book. You don’t even have to quote from the book.

In fact, to get great publicity you really need to put the book down and simply do what you are best at.

Tell me new stories.

Give me news that I’ve never heard before.

Educate me.

Entertain me.

Make me smile. Make me laugh. Make me hungry. Make me cry. Make me afraid. Make me experience something inside. Make me angry. make me sad.

Help me.

Advise me with superb insight that makes people turn their heads and listen and realize that you are handing them a gift.

Take the mystery out of a new problem that wasn’t on everyone’s radar screen when you wrote the book.

Dazzle me with new material and fresh photos.

Make me want to do something different.

Make me so interested in you I go home and look you up and even try to call you and make an appointment to see you.

President Obama knows one of the real secrets of publicity and marketing success

President Obama knows the real secret of publicity and marketing success

Connecting in a caring way.

You can write an email. You can write an article. You can write a news release. You can create a script for an interview.

You can now send it out and try to get people to pay attention to you.

You can post it on web sites and make it available to millions of people who are searching using key words. That’s the idea. They search and they find you.

Will anyone pay any attention to you?

Not unless you care and they realize it.

There 20,000 people posting on blogs every hour. There are millions of people and businesses updating their web sites every day.

There are millions of people twittering away merrily with their little snippets of ‘wassup’ messages.

Are they connecting with you in a caring way?

Which ones actually get through to you? Which ones do you pay attention to?

Our newly elected President Barrack Obama knows how to connect.

I just signed up to be a follower on his Twitter account.

Within minutes I received the following email message:

“Hi, pjkrupin (pjkrupin).

Barack Obama (BarackObama) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Barack Obama’s profile here:



Can you believe it? The President of the United States is following my updates on Twitter.

In fact as of today, he’s following more people than are following him.

He’s following 166,088 people, and he has 144,000 followers.

He (or someone on his staff) is listening to more people than there are people listening to him, at least on Twitter.

This is amazing to me. This gives me a unique online experience.

He’s connected with me and he says he cares.

Try it yourself. Sing up at

See how you feel when you get that message that says, “Barack Obama (BarackObama) is now following your updates on Twitter.”

What an example to emulate.

Andy Andrews — the power of vision and commitment

Andy explains the importance of vision and commitment to the achievement of your goals

If you have never really questioned yourself about where you are going and asked yourself how committed to what you are doing you really are, then this little video may rock you to the core.

Andy Andrews is a NY Times best selling author, a world class humorist, radio and TV personality and corporate speaker. He has headlined for Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers and has spoken at the request of four United States Presidents and the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies around the world. He has written over 20 books, many of which are best sellers. Two are being made into movies. In Andy’s early days he was voted “comedian of the year” several years in a row by colleges around the country. He has been hailed as the modern day “Will Rogers”. At the request of the Joint Chiefs, he was recently flown by F16 to the Middle East to speak to the troops and field commanders.

There are many reasons why people like working with Andy. He has a direct, no nonsense, win/win attitude. He is personable and has an upbeat personality. He offers a steady stream of humor, helpful and provocative ideas and engaging stories about his life and the lives of people he has met or studied. He will share many compelling stories and crucial ideas about what people really need to do to achieve personal success.

You can learn a lot from Andy. he’s one of the few people I know who can make you laugh, cry and experience profound wisdom in the same breath.

Andy Andrews new book new book Mastering the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success may be one of the most important books you read.

Andy explains the importance of vision and commitment to the achievement of your goals by sharing the story of Hernando Cortez quest for gold and the conquest of the Incas.

The next time you embark on a goal — remember to

    Burn The Boats!