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Getting on Oprah’s Book List

PR strategies and tactics for getting on Oprah

Getting on Oprah’s book list is like buying $1 lottery ticket and winning a $100 million prize. Your chances of asking winning a lottery are probably better that a chance of being chosen to be a book club selection.

I’ve had a few clients who got on Oprah and it was only after getting lots of other media coverage that she and her staff called.

Oprah doesn’t respond well to pitches from publicity seekers, publicists and PR firms for the most part. We have had some of the other shows associated with Harpo Productions respond to news releases, but even that is rare.

She picks who she wants to be on her show. She has the freedom and luxury of choice. She also has a well defined scope: Issues important to women.

You can study who and what she selects. She typically responds to people who are doing their life’s work. She finds out about the good deeds people do from other people and she pays attention to other media, particularly other top media.

You may be able to garner an appearance or an interview by a presentation to and through producer. But they are very likely to simply ignore pitches sent to them.

Even if you do garner an appearance on a show, nowadays they are likely to force you to agree that you won’t use her name to market your product. I blogged about the contract stipulation for an interview a while ago.

What Can You Do With an oprah Appearance

Here’s an article I also wrote on Getting on Oprah which contains more insights and recommendations.

Getting On Oprah

My advice is to help the people you can help the most. You get busy doing what you are best at and also keep on targeting the media that will help you reach the people you can help the most.

Then when you least expect it, the phone may ring and it’ll be a producer from Oprah calling.