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The Blood, Sweat and Tears for Getting Publicity

The Blood, Sweat and Tears of Getting Publicity for Professional Branding To me, getting publicity is like making candy – it’s a tasty recipe backed by art and science, psychology, and specific tactics that come into play. It’s a persuasive communications process that one has to go through. It has a very narrow set of […]

Turn Your People On! Copywriting that Produces Action

Writing marketing and publicity copy that produces interest and action (sales)

Here’s my best advice for authors and publishers wanting publicity that helps sell books: Turn your people on. The message has to make people pay attention and want more of what you have to offer. If you don’t succeed at this, even an article in USA Today won’t help you sell books. Identify the hot […]

Response to Publicity Doesn’t Work

Response to Publicity Doesn’t Work

Forbes just posted an opinion article “Book Promotion for Self-Publishers Quite a number of authors express great frustration and anguish over the fact that the publicity (book reviews, interviews, feature stories, etc). they received didn’t result in lots of book sales. In fact several of them conclude that publicity doesn’t work. OMG, failure certainly […]

Major League Mini Brag – PR Success Story – Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest make the LA Times, GMA and the Today Show

Right on Sisters! Perfect Trifecta! Congratulations to clients Sue Bain, Laurie Gawne, and Roxie Roxford – creators of and the founders of The Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The announcement for the 2010 winner got them a story in the LA Times last Friday, a Saturday morning spot on Good Morning America, and […]

Boiler Plate for a News Release

Guidance to a novice self publisher about writing a news release

A new author self-publisher on the Self-Publishing Yahoo list wrote: > Can anybody direct me to a boiler plate for a press release that I > can use to create my own? I have heard a variety of different things > should be included. Most say that it should be only one page and > […]

Free press releases services — are they really worth it?

Articler provides analysis and comparison of free news release distribution services, copywriters and publicists work and PR return on investment.

This one just caught my eye and it hit one of my hot buttons.    Some one on one of the discussion groups I participate in wrote:       Also, the company I formerly used for free press releases began charging for all releases this year.  Does anyone know of any other alternatives that are still free?   (I […]

20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media

Copywriting tips for writing news releases to get more publicity

20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media  News releases can be a great aid to getting major media to give you feature story coverage and major talk show interviews. What you write in your news release is important.  It determines media response to your news release. […]

Publicizing Clients Before or After PR Success

Ethics and tactics of publicizing clients before and after PR success

A question came up in the Small-PR Firm group at Yahoo, about whether and how to best leverage the fact that you got a new client. Some comments said it’s OK to do so, while others indicated they had concerns about doing so. Here’s my opinion on the ethics of doing so and the proper […]

News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

Did you know that you now have access to some of the world’s most powerful online electronic clipping tools? They are called News Search Engines. You can use them to dramatically improve your success with the media. News search engines are specialized search engines that visit news sites from all over the Internet and use […]