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Getting More Publicity – The 3 I Technique Video

So many people struggle when they pitch media for coverage. They really don’t understand what media want and need. The 3 I Technique makes it very easy to select the best topic and then nail it on the first try. And with news search engines to aid you it doesn’t matter where you are are […]

Content Marketing: Using The 3 I Technique to Create a Publishable Content

Content Marketing: Using The 3 I Technique to Create a Publishable Content

I received lots of questions today about how to get the most out of my 3 I Technique. There’s a neat way to create publishable content that you pitch in a news release. It’s called, “The 3I Technique” and you use it to create appropriate publicity materials for yourself, using articles about other people (= […]

Using Presari to Research & Leverage Social Media Trends in 2018

How to Use Presari to Research and Leverage Social Media Trends 2018

Do you want to learn and get up to speed about how to make the best use of social media this next year? Use Presari to research the trends. Here’s how: Enter the words ‘Social Media Trends 2018’ at You will be amazed at the results if you do the following: 1. Do a […]

The Blood, Sweat and Tears for Getting Publicity

The Blood, Sweat and Tears of Getting Publicity for Professional Branding To me, getting publicity is like making candy – it’s a tasty recipe backed by art and science, psychology, and specific tactics that come into play. It’s a persuasive communications process that one has to go through. It has a very narrow set of […]

Is this really it? The Miracle of the Microcosm

One of the Yahoo Self Publishing Group members posted two really important questions… about how to do targeted PR: 1) HOW do you find those people? 2) WHAT comprises that irresistible message? I do this for a living for clients in all sorts of genres and industries. Here goes: 1) How do you find the […]

Magic in a Message! Creating the IrresistIble Pitch

Magic in a Message! Creating the IrresistIble Pitch

HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP THE IRRESISTIBLE PITCH? I write a lot of blog posts on this. I call this the miracle of the microcosm. You need to learn how to turn people on so that they come to you for more of what you are offering. Perhaps the simplest and most powerful […]

Whatever you can afford publicity

Times are tough and in the spirit of the season, I’m going to offer a special new “whatever you can afford” publicity outreach option. You name your budget and I’ll advise you, work with you, and still do the maximum custom targeted outreach I can possibly do. If you create a draft news release using […]

Getting more publicity in newspapers means going beyond the book pages

Strategies and tactics for getting beyond the book review pages

One of my clients expressed her frustration in getting her local paper to give her coverage for a children’s book. Her local paper was The New Orleans Time’s Picayune. I offer up some of the techniques I use to help identify how to increase your chances of being successful with them and other newspapers and […]

Boiler Plate for a News Release

Guidance to a novice self publisher about writing a news release

A new author self-publisher on the Self-Publishing Yahoo list wrote: > Can anybody direct me to a boiler plate for a press release that I > can use to create my own? I have heard a variety of different things > should be included. Most say that it should be only one page and > […]

News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

News search engine tips and tactics for authors and publishers

Did you know that you now have access to some of the world’s most powerful online electronic clipping tools? They are called News Search Engines. You can use them to dramatically improve your success with the media. News search engines are specialized search engines that visit news sites from all over the Internet and use […]