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The Wild World of Social Media Advertising

This is a quick one. I do more and more work on Presari. It’s now over 1,600 search engines. I have also started using it more in education and in publishing. You can see examples focused on marketing, Book marketing, social media advertising and at the Presari blog. Here’s a recent post on the wild […]

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Differences between marketing, advertising and PR

Discussion of the differences between marketing, PR and advertising

Great discussion over at Yahoo Small PR Agency Pros I’ll throw in a little twist here to focus on what a person who works for a living has to do to communicate and accomplish these various and distinctive roles and objectives. Advertising: paying for the creation and placement of communications so that target audiences of […]

What is a News Release?

Definition of what a news release is and isn't

Clients come to me confused as to what a news release is day after day. It’s the starting point for everything that you do if you are trying to get publicity. A news release or a press release is a proposal or a pitch: an offer to provide a publication or a show story content. […]

Why News Releases Fail- Free ebook and Powerpoint presentation

20 + fatal errors people make writing news releases and what to do about them

This is one of my most popular articles turned into a Powerpoint presentation and an ebook pdf file. Free Powerpoint Presentation here: Why News Releases Fail Powerpoint Presentation“ Free ebook pdf file here: Why News Releases Fail ebook pdf file

Recession-Schmecession! The sky isn’t falling. The ground is rising!

Recessions present unique opportunities to expand your business

Bruce Rigney and the remarkably talented folks at Rigney Graphics posted some very insightful data in the wonderful post titled: Recession-Schmecession! Great data and analysis. Smart recommendations. Now if only our bank accounts gave us the flexibility we need to take advantage of these opportunities!