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Achieving Publicity Success: Mommy Bloggers Are Very Important!

Tactics for successfully marketing and publicizing with mommy bloggers

Bloggers are quite important to all of us who do work in the world of publicity. Mommy bloggers are really crucial! Who are the best ones with regard to marketing and publicizing a book or a product? Well, it depends. There are now several thousand of them and their ranks are growing every day. Perhaps […]

Why blogs are cool video

Cool three minute video on why blogs are cool by Lee Lefever at Commoncraft

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Publicity, Blogs, and Book Marketing

A look at media coverage of blogs, bloggers, blogging and books

Great article all about a blogger turned book author in the Montreal Gazette.   Talk about a refreshing perspective.  This article takes off like a rocket even from the healine:  Blogger thumbs nose at athletes, media.  The article highlights the web site, gets into history, tells stories and reviews the book.  The blogger’s savvy and vision […]

Publicity, Marketing and Blogging

Best articles from around the media on blogging

Blogging in the news — insights about this week.   Great article in the NY Times about the role blogging can play in both journalism and marketing by Saul Hansell titled “What I Learned as a Blogger for the NY Times” LA Times looks at blooger mentality and a South by Southwest interactive conference  Best quotes […]

Publicity and Blogging March 7, 2008

Seeks to identify specific copywriting tactics and strategies to be used to get more publicity for blogs.

I’m beginning an in depth study of the media coverage of bloggers and blogging.  I will be seeking to identify characteristics, tactics, and the content that is needed to achieve coverage with prime media.  This is the first of what will be a weekly installment.  Lessons learned are at the end of the articles identified […]