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Book reviewer for poetry books

Specialty book review publiocation reviews poetry books

Oberlin College Press reviews poetry books. You can send them to: Linda Slocum, Managing Editor Oberlin College Press 50 N. Professor St. Oberlin, OH 44074-1091 440.775.8408, 440.775.8124 (fax) Email: Find Oberlin College Press publications and news at

Washington Post drops stand alone book review section

Washington Post drops stand alone book review section

The Washington Post is dropping their stand alone book section and will be moving book reviews into other sections of the paper… See the whole story End of an era.

Who are the Book Reviewers? January 2009

An analysis and summary of book reviewers in the US and Canada

I create custom lists of book reviewers for book authors and publishing clients all the time. We have to create the current list each time we do it because the people who are responsible for reviewing books changes day to day. Even once you get a database of book reviewers you need to hand select […]