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Go beyond the book!

What do you place into a news release?

If you want to improve your publicity go beyond the book. You don’t have to just write about the book. You don’t even have to quote from the book. In fact, to get great publicity you really need to put the book down and simply do what you are best at. Tell me new stories. […]

Knowing When You’ve Created Your Purple Cow

Knowing When You've Created Your Purple Cow

A question was presented to me today: >> If CNN does decide to interview me, or if I’m scheduled for an interview on >> any of the other cable news networks I’ve approached, I’m going to want the whole world to watch and learn about my concept. >> I need to hire someone who knows […]

Timing and galvanizing content – the Rolling Stone article about John McCain

quick analysis of the copywriting style and elements of the Rolling Stone article about John McCain

Sometimes you just have to look and marvel at how well some publishers do their job. This front page article in the October 16, 2008 edition of Rolling Stone Magazine demonstrates all sorts of lessons learned for anyone who yearns for publishing and publicity success. This article is worth reading not just because of the […]

Jim Rohn on working on your fortune part time

Jim Rohn on working on your fortune part time

Jim Rohn is an amazing teacher. He was broke and 25 years old when he met an extraordinary man who taught him some very important and basic things. These things are life changing. Here is a short session where he explains two very simple concepts that are crucial to making changes in your attitude and […]

John Maxwell on Making the Right Decisions

Leadership expert and author John Maxwell talks about making the right decisions

John Maxwell offers insights into why the things you do today matters. In this seven minute video he talks about identifying how to choose what’s important.