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Dr. Joe Vitale’s secret of productivity

Dr. Joe Vitale describes his secret of being more productive

I’ve done a lot of work with Joe Vitale and he’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is incredibly productive and offers insights into doing things that matter well and effectively so you can be successful and profitable especially when you are helping others. In this […]

Jack Canfield offers ideas on basic success principles

Jack Canfield offers ideas on how to get rich and be a success

Jack Canfield’s primary goal in his life revealed and discussed in this wonderful five minute video. Jack reveals some early history and ideas that helped him along the way to creating his first Chicken Soup for the Soul book. The video ends with a discussion of his book The Success Principles. Here’s a guy who […]

Video Marketing on the Internet

Two minute video on the basics of using video to market online

Quote for the day: John Maxwell author of the book Your Roadmap for Success talks about what you have to do to apply what you’ve learned to really drive it home and get what you can out of it. He says that all you have to do is ask yourself three questions: 1. Where can […]

Marketing to apartment mailing lists – Tips from an apartment marketing expert

Marketing to apartment mailing lists video

Interesting 5-minute video on marketing to people in apartment complexes has some very straightforward and viable tips. Marketing to people in apartment complexes makes a lot of sense. The population density is high which means there are a lot of possible prospects in a small geographic location. Getting access to them and getting them to […]

Why blogs are cool video

Cool three minute video on why blogs are cool by Lee Lefever at Commoncraft

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Publicity and You Tube

Highlights from today's You Tube in the news clips

Highlights from todays’ You Tube in the news: Associated Press is AP pushing 250 stories a week through its newly launched YouTube channel.  You can see the AP daily uploads here.  Jack Nicholson endorses Hilary Clinton for President in You Tube Video.