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Getting More Interviews on Radio and other Media

Advice on how to get more talk show interviews and how to get the maximum ROI from the interviews you do

Start with the end in mind. The real key to evaluating your media performance is your sales. Radio is an instantaneous communications medium. To evaluate your performance you might want to see if you can figure out whether you can trace book sales to the time and place of your interview. Many a small radio […]

Major League Mini Brag – PR Success Story – Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest make the LA Times, GMA and the Today Show

Right on Sisters! Perfect Trifecta! Congratulations to clients Sue Bain, Laurie Gawne, and Roxie Roxford – creators of and the founders of The Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The announcement for the 2010 winner got them a story in the LA Times last Friday, a Saturday morning spot on Good Morning America, and […]

Getting Publicity for Children’s Books

Tactics and strategies for publicizing and promoting children's books

Using other people’s opt-in email lists to try to sell a children’s book won’t make you any friends. Marketing and publicizing this way has not proven to be very effective. On the other hand, you can create a children’s book news release and send it to the right media. I can tell you from experience […]

The Rest of the Book Publicity PR Success Story – Women Inventors Who Changed the World

The Rest of the Book Publicity PR Success Story - Women Inventors Who Changed the World

Yesterday’s post about Susan Casey and her 1997 book Women Invent! being featured in a Fast Company magazine story triggered an email from the author, who sent me the following email describing more of the media experiences she had as a result of the news release sent out on February 24, 2009. Paul- Here’s a […]

Limits on What You Can Do with an Oprah Appearance

looks at limits on what you can do with an Oprah appearance

One of my clients was on Oprah and Friends last week. What was truly interesting to me was the provision of the guest contract which a guest must sign in order to be on the show. Among other things, here’s what the contract provision states: >>> 3. You agree not to use my name, voice […]

Maybe we don’t need PR any more?

A response to idea that PR isn't necessary any more

People are talking about how Vincent Bugliiosi has sold lots and lots of books by word of mouth, blogs, and without reviews and commentary by major media. One comment on one of the discussion lists I follow stated: “So I would advise writers who can’t afford a real PR firm to find a niche magazine […]

What is the value of publicists, publicity and public relations

What is the value of publicists, publicity and public relations

Question came to me from another publicist, phrased as follows: Why are we important? I often get asked this question in the context of tracking and evaluating pr effectiveness and performance metrics. More times than not, there’s no easy way to identify the tangible effects of media publicity and public relations. Very simply, the results […]