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Getting More Publicity: Hitching a Ride on Current Events

tips and tactics for writing a news release that gets publicity related to hot items in current events

Question came up on one of the publishing discussion groups that i participate in. >>I have two books that tie-in with the recent news concerning the raid >>on the polygamist ranch in Texas. … I need to know how to use recent >>events to market both these books as soon as possible. Here’s my perspective. […]

The relative futility of publicizing book awards

Discusses whether it makes sense to send out news releases publicizing book awards

Many of my clients ask me why I don’t think much of sending out a news release to publicize the fact that their book has been nominated for a book award. The reason is that I have not seen media respond well to what basically is a marketing fact.  While the nomination, or by golly even […]

Localizing — The Easiest Publicity You Can Ever Get

Using local news angles to maximize success in getting publicity

Localizing your news release is the easiest way you can get more media coverage.  The success of your media strategy will largely depend on what you offer to the media.   No matter what you want to accomplish in terms of your publicity goal business wise, you will maximize your media response and the coverage you […]

Getting Publicity for a High School Theatre Event

advice, actions plans, tactics, and guidance on how to write a news release to media that will get publicity in radios, nespapers, and tv for a high school theatre performance

I received a question about how one should best get publicity for a high school theatre event.  Here’s my suggestion: You can write localized event news release and send it to your local media. Offer the media the opportunity to come to a tech week rehearsal and take pictures and ask questions to the key […]

My book’s done. Now what do I do?!?! Marketing yourself

Five specific book promotion stages and activities

Hot topic.  This question has been posed to me by hundreds and hundreds of authors and publishing companies.  Of course, over the years I’ve specialized in book publicity tactics, but many of these strategies are most effective and produce the most ROI when they are carefully integrated with all sorts of other book promotion activities.  At least […]

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20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media

Copywriting tips for writing news releases to get more publicity

20 News Release Content Choices to Maximize Feature Story Coverage and Detailed Interviews with Major Media  News releases can be a great aid to getting major media to give you feature story coverage and major talk show interviews. What you write in your news release is important.  It determines media response to your news release. […]