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Focus on Your Target Media’s Needs

Getting more publicity means giving the media what they need to make money

Media are in business. They are publishers. They make their living primarily from two sources of income. Subscriptions and advertising. They get people to subscribe by creating quality content that people enjoy. They get advertising revenue because of the number of people who are paying attention. That’s what they do. Print publishes information. Electronic media […]

Getting Book Reviews – Submission Guidelines for 21 Top Book Reviewers

Getting Book Reviews - Submission Guidelines

I keep this list pretty current. Some book review sites will only look at galleys or advance review copies three to four months prior to publication. Others will only look at recently pubished books. Look before you invest the money and send off a package to be sure you send the right package to the […]

Why book reviews news releases don’t work

Why book reviews news releases don't work

OK, you’ve written a book and now want to get some publicity? I recommend that authors stay away from news releases that simply say “I’ve published a book and am marketing it…..” It may get you local publicity and it may get you some book reviewers, some of which my end up getting published. But […]