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Media Comments on Self-Published Books

Results of a media survey regarding self publishing and self published books

Every year for the past several years I’ve done a survey questionnaire of media and asked them to provide me with responses to several crucial questions. This year one of the questions I asked was “How do you feel about self published books?” The questionnaire was transmitted in early November and nearly all the responses […]

Realistic chances of success for a memoir

Tips on how to help guide an author of a self published memoir

Here is my November 21, 2008 response to a post to the online discussion group Small-Pub Civil at Yahoo groups: >>Hello, everyone! One of my authors has written a 250+ page book about his open-heart surgery. The bulk of it is autobiographical, including childhood memories, interviews with everyone from the surgeon down to the cleaning […]

Writing ebooks for publicity and even profits – a comment

Provides ideas and insight into the marketing and promotion of ebooks

Dustin Wax creator of The Writer’s Technology Companion web site wrote an article titled Writing ebooks for publicity and even for profit… As a publicist who sees hundreds of books of all types each year, I don’t believe that ebooks are a hot product in and of themselves. There are only certain types of people […]

Dan Poynter on Writing Your First Book

Video features Dan Poynter talking about writing and publishing a first book

Dan Poynter is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subjects of publishing and self publishing in particular. He has been traveling the world speaking to writing groups for many years now teaching what he calls “The New Model for Publishing”. This video features Dan talking about writing and publishing a first book. Once […]