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Bad experience with a big-time publisher

Bad experience with a big-time publisher

Penelope Trunk offers some startling insights and lessons learned based on her experience as an author with a big-name publisher and why she chose to self-publish.

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Self publishing and book publicity helps save a life

Book reviewer shares story about how her review of a book helped save her daughters life

This is so unusual I want to share. I was asked to write and transmit a news release in early December 2010 for the authors of the self-published book Asthma, Allergies Children: A Parents Guide. We received review copy requests from a few dozen media and about of them were from bloggers. The author obliged […]

Overcoming the Self-Publishing Stigma

Overcoming the Self-Publishing Stigma

Who publishes the book rarely matters. If a media person or a book reviewer wants to give you an excuse to reject a book presented they will say one of three things: 1. I don’t review self published books 2. I need a local news angle 3. Or simply, it’s not right for my audience. […]

Landslide PR Success Story – Get out there and help the people you can help the most

Lessons learned from a landslide PR success for a self published author

I can’t take 100 percent credit for delivering this landslide of publicity, because all I did was provide guidance, counsel and help along the way. What I did was just one of the many things the author did that helped set the situation up so that it could happen. It took several months of consistent, […]

Getting more book reviews for self-published books

Getting more book reviews for self-published books

Self-published authors often complain about how hard it is to get book reviews. Many of my clients are self published authors. I don’t think that media distinguish books by whether they are from self-publishers or quality publshers that much any more. Some do, but it’s because they make an assumpition of quality. That is what […]

Romance author documents the income she actually received from a NY Times best seller

Romance author documents the income she actually received from a NY Times best seller

Here’s an excellent report from author Lynn Viehl’s experience and income with a mass market publisher for the book Twilight Fall which broke through to the NY Times best seller list. She calls herself in the “Top 20”. It was originally posted April 17 at the Genreality blog which receives contributions from a number of […]

Help and guidance for self publishers

Need to Know Guidance for Self Publishers

David Carnoy at CNET wrote a simply wonderful article describing the ins and out of self-publishing. This well researched and experienced based article summarizes the state of the arti and should be mandatory reading for anyone and everyone contemplating the publishing of a book. Self Publishing a Book: 25 Things You Need to Know.

Media Comments on Self-Published Books

Results of a media survey regarding self publishing and self published books

Every year for the past several years I’ve done a survey questionnaire of media and asked them to provide me with responses to several crucial questions. This year one of the questions I asked was “How do you feel about self published books?” The questionnaire was transmitted in early November and nearly all the responses […]

Writing ebooks for publicity and even profits – a comment

Provides ideas and insight into the marketing and promotion of ebooks

Dustin Wax creator of The Writer’s Technology Companion web site wrote an article titled Writing ebooks for publicity and even for profit… As a publicist who sees hundreds of books of all types each year, I don’t believe that ebooks are a hot product in and of themselves. There are only certain types of people […]

Dan Poynter on Writing Your First Book

Video features Dan Poynter talking about writing and publishing a first book

Dan Poynter is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subjects of publishing and self publishing in particular. He has been traveling the world speaking to writing groups for many years now teaching what he calls “The New Model for Publishing”. This video features Dan talking about writing and publishing a first book. Once […]