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What is the best day of the week to send out a news release?

Question came in from a member of the Yahoo Self-Publishing Group In my experience sending out news releases using email and chasing editors and reporters by phone, Tuesday is the best day of the week to deliver a release and Wednesday, and Thursday are also really good days. A lot depends on what you are […]

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Publicity Planning – Look ahead and pay attention to lead times

Publicity Planning - Look ahead and pay attention to lead times

Pay attention to lead time and start working on publicity well in advance of holidays and calendar events: It’s August 23, 2010 Labor Day is two weeks away Salami Day is Sept 7 this year Rosh hashanah is Sept 9 Patriot Day (9/11 day) is two and a half weeks away Grandparents Day is Sept […]

Timing the transmittal of a news release

One of the members of the POD Publishing discussion group asked the following question: When do you recommend going out with the press release (i.e. on the release date, a month before, etc.). ——- Timing news releases depends what you are trying to accomplish and where you are at in your publishing or product release […]

Publicity Planning for Fall of 2009

Publicity Planning for Fall of 2009

If you want to get more publicity, then you need to look ahead and identify the opportunities that will be coming your way. So get out your calendar and think about what sort of article you’d like to see come out in the months ahead. Identify the holiday or date or season that allows you […]

Knowing When You’ve Created Your Purple Cow

Knowing When You've Created Your Purple Cow

A question was presented to me today: >> If CNN does decide to interview me, or if I’m scheduled for an interview on >> any of the other cable news networks I’ve approached, I’m going to want the whole world to watch and learn about my concept. >> I need to hire someone who knows […]